Launch your first website into a successful new year

Your First Launch

Does my first website have to be so expensive?!

If you are just starting your first business, perhaps you’re realizing there is a lot more that goes into it than you thought…
You know you need a website. You know you would feel a lot more confident launching your services with a website, but designing it yourself is overwhelming and hiring a web designer just isn’t in the budget right now….
What if you had help getting clear on your packages, your branding, and your copy with a designer helping you upload everything to your very first website at an incredibly affordable price?
I’m calling in mission-driven solopreneurs who need a website NOW and are ready to make money and launch into the new year.

What’s included?

A Guided Course & Accelerated Process

Valuable modules and exercises walking you through branding, packaging, and strategy step by step (4 modules, 6 weeks)

Weekly Office Hours

Weekly office hours, live with Abigail Dean to ask any questions you have about your process. 

Mastermind Calls

2 Mastermind calls with all course members and Abigail to refine your ideas and strategies. 


You will have 3 templates (specifically created for solopreneuers for you)  to choose from that a designer will customize with your branding and content.

1/2 off of hosting

You’ll receive 12 months of hosting and maintenance for only half of the normal price. 

The Support you need

You don’t have to do this alone! Websites are so tedious, but now you have the help and guidance you need. With weekly chances to ask questions and receive professional strategy and feedback, you’ll be able to confidently launch your website for a successful 2023! 

Enrollment is now open

but ends 12/01

Abigail is so talented and one of the best st pete web designers that I have worked with. She has helped me with educating me on how to improve my SEO. She is very knowledgeable on graphic design and branding. She has such a sweet spirit and is so inspiring. You won’t be disappointed with Abigail!!
Alison Ussery

I wanted a St Pete web designer to help me work on my branding, message, and to boost my SEO. I did want local so she understood my vibe, and I could sit with her in person! Abigail did not disappoint. I was having trouble hammering graphic design elements that felt cohesive as well as the functionality that was necessary for my needs— she helped me hammer it down, planning from scratch! She’s creative, knowledgeable, patient and delivers a seriously professional and sexy product. Hands down, recommended.
Sandra Bean

Abigail’s expertise in web design is clear to see through her work. I would recommend her to anyone looking for help creating/designing a website, especially those geared towards sustainability, small businesses, and health and wellness. Her communication, professionalism, and timely outcomes place her beyond other web designers and makes working with her enjoyable. 10/10 recommend!
Jessica Spackman