Website Redesign for SaaS


DHInnovations has been around for decades and the original website showed the age and experience of the company in an unflattering way. No matter which device you viewed the website on it looked the same – meaning it was not responsive to mobile devices or tablets. This can cause a major problem for a business because most users surf the internet on their mobile devices. As a software company, they knew it was time to upgrade their website to reflect their professional brand and company advancement. 

Design Approach

We kept the design simple keeping in mind user experience and creating simple paths for users to get to the information they needed about services and contacting DHI.

We also designed the site to be a resource bank for customers to learn more about SaaS and how it can support and transform their companies.

Like What You See?

Your website and branding matters! This might be the first interaction someone has with you. 

What is your digital presence saying about you?

The website of your dreams is closer than you think